PTFE Pipes (PolyTetraFluoroEthylene piping) is a semi-transparent, chemically inert, and non-toxic material with unrivaled temperature resistance and a fluid-flowing surface. PTFE, also known as Teflon, is a material that is frequently used to coat cooking utensils, particularly nonstick frying pans. PTFE / FEP / PFA Lined Pipes are used in applications that require high temperature, corrosive chemicals, and high voltage resistance.

These piping systems are ideal for applications requiring the handling of highly corrosive fluids. Both systems are well suited to low-pressure process industry applications requiring PTFE’s extreme corrosion resistance and purity.

Teflon Lined Carbon Steel Pipe is a type of pipe that has a polytetrafluoroethylene coating. This is a polymer that is chemically inert to many agents, allowing it to act as an anticorrosive layer even at temperatures above 230 degrees Celsius. Carbon Steel Pipe with PTFE Lining is non-sticky and has good dielectric properties. PFA Lined Carbon Steel Pipe can be extruded, injected with PFA, or impounding pipe.

Such pipes are resistant to thermal shock, which also indicates they would not change shape or fail in the event of a sudden temperature change. These materials and coatings are used to make a variety of items, including manifolds for use with PFA-Lined Pipelines. All such pipes are embrittled, which means they need not age because they do not corrode. The outer layer, also recognized as the PTFE layer, is chemically inert and does not change with time.

Here are a few advantages of using PTFE lined pipes in your piping systems:

  • Remarkably corrosion resistant.

Chemical resistance is provided by PTFA/PFA. Lining a steel pipe with PTFA/PFA ensures that the piping system is both chemically resistant and structurally powerful.

  • Longer lasting than standard steel pipes

Depending on the chemical and substance flowing through the pipes, piping systems can last for 3-4 years before becoming corroded and inoperable. The need to decommission and replace the piping system would cause a few days of downtime. Pipes lined with PTFE/PFA last much longer, reducing the frequency of decommissioning and increasing productivity.

  • Allows for much smoother chemical flow.

Have you ever heard of Teflon cooking pans? Teflon is a trademarked name for PTFE, which is used to coat cooking pans to keep food from sticking. Teflon’s easy-to-clean properties make it one of the most popular innovations in cookware. PTFE is used when someone needs a smooth flow of chemical products with very little dust left in the pipes.

  • Resistance to high pressure and temperature

Aside from its nonstick and corrosion resistance properties, PTFE is suitable for substances at high pressures and temperatures, which are commonly found in our clients’ industries such as oil and gas, pharmaceutical, EPC, and even personal healthcare and food.

  • Resistance to high permeability

It prevents corrosive substances and particles from permeating the liner and corroding the metal pipe structure.



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