Why You Should Get Sanitary Ball Valves

Why You Should Get Sanitary Ball Valves

What is a Sanitary Ball Valve? What are its applications?

A valve is typically used to control and regulate the flow of liquids and gases through pipes. These valves open and close thus blocking or permitting the flow of fluids. A sanitary Ball Valve however is a modern valve with sophisticated controls and mechanisms which help in regulating the flow and pressure of liquids and fluids.

The basic working of a Sanitary Ball Valve:

A Sanitary ball valve uses a disk that is set within the valve which works as a barrier that controls and regulates i.e., starts and stops the flow of the fluids. This disc inserted has a hole drilled through it. The opening and closing of this hole are what stop and start the flow of liquids.

Let us have a deeper look at the working mechanism of a Sanitary Ball Valve:

The spherical disc within the ball valve rotates through the hole or port. When the port is in alignment with the fluid, it permits the flow of liquids. This rotation can be carried out manually using a handle installed on the valve. Changing the direction of the handle causes the disc within the valve to rotate thus regulating the flow of gases and liquids. PFA Lined Ball Valves have a special mechanism wherein the ball changes its position on its own.

How to control a manual valve?

Manual valves always have a handle attached to them. This handle is directly connected with the port within the valve. Moving the handle, in turn, moves the port. Turning the handle of the valve 90 degrees in any direction open up the portal and liquids flow out of the valve. Similarly, turning the valve back into its original position closes the port and cuts the flow of fluids. Thus, these valves are also referred to as “quarter-turn valves” as they turn quarter the way of a circular motion which is 360 degrees.

Where are Sanitary Ball Valves Used?

  • Biopharmaceuticals
  • Chemical industry
  • Medical industry
  • Food and Beverage production
  • Dairy processing industry, etc.

Why are Ball Valves deemed “sanitary”?

  • These valves limit the crevices that might induce the growth and promotion of bacteria and germs.
  • Butt-welds, flanges, threads, and clamps are used to prevent the valve from externally sourced contamination.
  • FDA-approved Teflon sheets are used in the production of these valves.
  • Sanitary Ball valves are Aseptic as they have contact surfaces that are refined.


Why You Should Get Sanitary Ball Valves

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