What are the Different Types of PTFE Lined Valve?

What are the Different Types of PTFE Lined Valve?

Valves are essential parts of any piping system used to control the flow and pressure of contents, whether that is oil, gas, liquid or vapors. Below mentioned is the list of most common types of PTFE Lined Valves available in the market.

PTFE Lined Ball Valves

A PTFE Lined Ball Valve is a quarter-turn rotational motion valve that controls flow using a ball-shaped disk. When the valve is opened, the holes in the ball remain in line with the body inlet which allows contents to flow. PTFE Lined Ball Valves, which are primarily used for air, gases, and liquids, are quick to turn on and off and have a strong low torque seal. The only downside to these valves is the lack of throttling properties available.

PTFE Lined Butterfly Valve

The PTFE lined butterfly valve is a quarter-turn rotational motion valve used to stop, start, and regulate flow. The valve usually comes with a gearbox, where the handwheel is connected to the stem by gear and is easy and fast to open.

It simplifies valve operation, but at the cost of velocity. Such valves must also be installed at least 6 pipe diameters away from other elements of the line

The PTFE lined butterfly valve is available in large sizes, as well as being lightweight and easy to use, and can cope with low-pressure drop and high-pressure recovery.

PTFE Lined Gate Valves

PTFE Lined Gate Valves are designed primarily to initiate or stop a flow when a straight line fluid flow and minimum flow restriction are required. Those valves are kept fairly often fully open or fully closed in operation.

When turned open, the disc of the gate is completely removed allowing contents to pass. While this gives the valve strong shut-off properties and is bidirectional, it cannot be opened or closed easily and is prone to vibration when opened.

PTFE Lined Globe Valves

A globe valve is a linear motion valve used to stop, start and regulate flow. It is usually used for cooling water systems, transporting fuel oil and turbine lube oil systems.

Commonly used for insulation and throttling facilities, the globe has become the most common valve styles in the world. With a good shut-off capability, available in tee, wye and angle patterns and fast machining of valve seats-it’s easy to see why they’re so popular.

The slight disadvantages of the globe are that they perform unfavorably when high pressure drops, and require greater force or throttling flow under the seat to shut off valve.

PTFE Lined Plug valves

The PTFE Lined Plug Valve uses a cylindrical or tapered plug to stop or trigger a flow. The plug-passage is in an open position, with the inlet and outlet ports on one side The solid part of the plug blocks the port and stops flow if the plug is rotated from the open position.

These are easy to shut off, smaller than most valves, and have minimal flow of resistance. But, due to tapered plugs, they do have a reduced port and, due to high friction, they require a great force to actuate.

PTFE Lined Pressure Seal Valves

PTFE-lined pressure lock valves are usually used in excess of the other valves for high-pressure operation. The unique feature of the ‘ bonnet ‘ pressure seal is that the seals on the joints of the body expand as the internal pressure rises.

It should also be noted that these valves also come as a bolted bonnet too seal the valve and the pressure seal gasket.

What are the Different Types of PTFE Lined Valve?

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